Options for Replacing Missing Teeth: Choosing Between Dentures and Dental Bridges

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth: Choosing Between Dentures and Dental Bridges from Brilliant Smiles Lakeland in Lakeland, FLThe options for replacing missing teeth have brought many people to choose between dentures and dental bridges. It is essential to replace missing teeth for several reasons. Your appearance is affected by missing teeth, and this alone is one of the main reasons people want to replace them. A missing tooth leaves behind a gap between the surrounding teeth. If the gap is left unfilled, this can lead to other dental issues such as shifting of the other teeth, gum problems, and fractures.

Dentures are sometimes the best choice

A partial denture is a solution to fill any gaps left from one or more missing teeth. The gaps do not need to be close together when using a partial denture. A partial denture is made of acrylic, nylon, or metal. It is fitted over your gums, and it can be unclipped and easily removed to clean. Your dentist will take measurements and impressions of your mouth to determine the most proper fit before he orders them.

Dentures are a non-invasive option which means there is no oral surgery involved. Dentures are typically covered by your dental insurance and are one of the most affordable options for replacing missing teeth.

Drawbacks to choosing dentures

Dentures are not tightly secured and tend to shift from time to time, have a weaker hold, and will require regular adjustments by your dentist.

Dentures need to be taken out every day to be cleaned, and they may break if they are dropped.

A bridge may be a better option

A fixed bridge is another available option. A bridge is made by putting a crown on each of the surrounding teeth. The two teeth are then joined by inserting a false tooth in the gap. The teeth supporting the crown need to have good bone support. The pieces are then all cemented into place. Once the process is completed, the bridge can’t be removed.

The false tooth in a bridge is made of porcelain and looks more like a natural tooth, and that makes this option more appealing. A bridge is very secure. The crowns are solid and will not move or shift.

Reasons you may not want a bridge

A bridge is limited to replacing only one or more adjacent teeth. If you have multiple gaps in different areas, then a bridge will be more invasive and expensive. The removal of healthy enamel on each surrounding tooth of the gap is required to place the crown. A standard toothbrush will not work on a bridge. You will need special tools to clean it regularly. The cost of a bridge is generally higher than dentures.

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Talk to your dentist

Both options for replacing missing teeth have their pros and cons. You need to speak to your dentist and have an honest discussion on what is best for you. Your dentist knows the condition of your teeth better than anyone else.

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